Weekly School

Salsabil Al-Dhad Arabic school welcomes students from 6 to 16 years old, and invites parents to enroll them in the weekly program at one of the ten levels shown in the following chart:

The study lasts for nine months during the fall, winter, and spring semesters from the beginning of September 2023 to the end of May 2024. The month of December includes many oral and written exams, exciting online Kahoot quizzes, and graded homework sent to the parents to follow the development of their children.

The number of students per class ranges from 10 to 15 students.
The educational materials are uploaded to the Google Classroom website https://classroom.google.com, where the student can see the materials that have been studied since the beginning of the year, including lessons, homework, and the solutions of homework so that he does not miss any of the educational materials. Audio-visual materials are also uploaded, which the student can listen to and watch as many times as he needs to master the skills that require repetition.

Our students study the curricula of the Arabic full-time schools, and this encourages the weekly school students to reach the same level as the full-time school students and also encourages the full-time students to register with us to get a higher level of support with our complementary documents that increase the clarity of the curriculum, and additional exercises to enhance the student’s skills.

Those who have books do not need to buy different books, and those who do not have them can buy them directly from the publishing house. In addition to the studied book, we provide many explanatory documents with explanations and instructions for parents in three languages, Arabic, French, and English, to enable parents to follow the study of their children, We also provide solved exercises so that parents can compare them with their children’s answers and follow their learning progress with minimal effort, even if the parents do not know Arabic.

Registration Online: https://forms.gle/NCWwBSxEvym4jjSN7

After the registration send us an email to info@ClassicArabic.com that you have done the registration.


Must-have list/necessities:
The student needs:
– A computer running on one of the following operating systems (PC Windows, Mac, Chrome, Android) and has a webcam and a microphone.
– Installed with the following free distance learning programs Zoom, and Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams
– Every child needs his own e-mail, preferably from (name@gmail.com) in order to exchange instructions, homework, and corrections safely without deleting important messages in his parents’ mail.

Preferred but not mandatory list/improvements:
It is recommended that the child use:
– A touchable screen: This is usually available in devices of the type (All_in_One, Laptop, Tablet).
Or an electronic writing tablet (Wacom Drawing Tablet 50$) can be connected to the computer so that the student can write with an electronic pen Example 1, Example 2
Or the student can also write on a piece of paper and display it in front of the webcam. Most students use this method, but the webcam for some students has low resolution, and the intensity and direction of the lighting play a major role in the clarity of the image so that the teacher can correct what the student writes. Therefore, this method is accepted temporarily, until parents can purchase the required supplies.
– A keyboard with Arabic letters written on the keys so that the student can write on Google documents
– The student should sit in a quiet room without the noise and sounds of television or games that distract him from the lesson.
– The student should have besides the computer, a paper notebook, a pen to write notes, and Arabic books only. Other distractions should be removed.
– The student should eat a light meal before the lesson so that he does not struggle with hunger or thirst during the lesson.