Mission Statement

Our mission is to ease the process of learning Arabic.


■ To teach students the (classical standard formal modern) Arabic “Fusha” starting from the alphabet and ending with tajweed, eloquence, and poetry.
■ To teach Arabic as a foreign language to students from all age groups.
■ To enable students to access the beautiful Arabic culture, its texts, poetry, and legends without intermediate.
■ To enable the students to understand the Holy Qur’an which is the exact words of God the creator of the universe in its original language without translation or interpretation.
■ To maintain an academic environment to excel in Arabic and to develop its uses for the different modern applications (Religious, Social, Business, Media, Children…..etc.)
■ To create tools to enable self-studying programs 100% over the internet.
■ To create a milieu to practice Arabic as a mother tongue versus the colloquial languages.
■ To enable people willing to travel to Arab countries to integrate easily by providing samples of Arabic life stile (values, interests, music, fashions, food)
■ To encourage students to join the credited Arabic programs at universities
■ To create bridges between communities