A200: Arabic for Discoverers

Prerequisite: A100, IA200
Teacher: Imad HALLAK
Number of classes: 10
Teaching language: Arabic, English, French,

This course continues building the skill of the student and provide smooth training about the state and the case of the nouns by studying the different 19 modifiers of the nominal sentence Kana and Enna sisters (13+6) and knowing the special use of each of them along with time, affirmation, or transformation taking place on the nominal sentence. The student learns to compose longer sentences and gain skills to distinguish the adjectives and the genitive construction among the other words in the sentence. They will be introduced to the Demonstrative Nouns, the Relative Nouns. They will learn and practice using the Interrogation Nouns, and the Conjunction Particles. They will learn the uses of the Prepositions and the change of the case of words affected by a Preposition.

The student will learn for the first time the form of singular, Dual, and the different kinds of plurals in Arabic including the Sound Masculine & Feminine Plurals and the Broken Plural.

The student continues to learn additional 50 words and adjectives used to name and describe people, objects, feelings, and nature. There will be different lists depending on the student’s interest (Religion, Business and Economic, Travel, Family) different packs are available.