There are two kinds of programs: Children’s programs and adult’s programs.

Children’s Program

Children learn without being aware of the learning process. They would rather consider learning time as playtime. The teacher creates a comfortable environment that stimulates learning and leads the learning process with ease and kindness while achieving pleasure and benefit at the same time.

The children’s book series includes ten levels from kindergarten to the tenth year, each level has an independent book. This series is an educational pedagogical program with integrated elements, scientific foundations, conforming to the specifications of a modern textbook.

The series was written and supervised by a group of experts in linguistics, sociology, and culture, and specialists in educational sciences and teaching curricula, and teachers and technicians with long experience working in the field of printing and book production. It is accredited by the Islamic Organization of Educational, Sciences and Culture ISESCO .


The parent of the children are responsible to provide moral support to their children to make sure they do their homework and exercices before the next class.

Adults’ Program

The program is divided into different levels. Level 1 is for beginners who have no prior knowledge of Arabic. Last level is for students who can speak and write in Arabic and are preparing to take the secondary school (grade 12) Arabic exam of any Arab country.

By browsing the curriculum of the courses. The new students can have a general estimation of their entry-level. However, new students enrolled in the program should take the TOAFL exam (Test Of Arabic as Foreign Language) in order to categorize them based on their results. Fees may apply to cover the time and arrangements to prepare and to correct the exams. Students willing to enroll into the first level do not have to take the TOAFL exam.


The adults’ program is designed to provide the student the capabilities of a native Arabic speaker. The student should not rely on attendance only to advance. It is required also for the student to spend daily (15-45 minutes for the first course) or (15-30 minutes for the next courses) of self-study to master Arabic in the shortest possible time. The more time invested, the earliest results are harvested. These suggestions are made based on the experience of students who graduated successfully from this program taking into consideration their commitments toward the other courses or their part-time job.

Self-study at home is required every day. Student should not study the required weekly amount of time in one long session on the weekend. The practice has to be daily on short sessions (15 minutes minimum) in order to have better results.


Arabic is a rich regular language. It has rules and a minimum number of exceptions when compared to other languages. Studying grammar from the beginning is a favorable step as someone advances in learning this tongue.

This is not obligatory but it helps a lot to reduce the time and efforts needed to master the oldest living language.  Other methods attempt to deliver speaking ability to students first by relying on the students’ short-term memory.  This approach leads the students to feel good at the beginning but it requires an amount of time and effort more than composing method.  A big number of students withdraw from studying because of their bad choice of the method that fits with their preferences, their time, and the efforts they can allocate to achieve their goal.

Learning grammar is the shortest way to master Arabic, it enables the students to derive words from roots without memorizing them. By knowing one root we can at least derive ten derived words. Grammar helps also morphology (conjugation) that there is no way to deal in life without it.

We provided courses with different methods and curriculums depending on the age, abilities, efforts, and time that students are able to adhere to.  You can contact us as an individual or representative of your group and we will be pleased to provide the best profile for you or your group.


Wonderful artistic texts, poems, songs, presentations, films, cartoons, and educational CD’s are available for the students in order to provide them with an easy interactive way to work in class or independently at home, to repeat the audio visuals as mush as they needed, and to learn vocabularies in context.

The students are responsible to memorize the given vocabularies and rules during the week to be able to apply them in the next class. The time in class is very precious and they need to come prepared to understand the new class, otherwise they will waste the time and the concentration while remembering the previous class, or thinking about the meaning of the words used in the given examples.

We are guaranteeing quick results, but the cooperation of the students is required.

Quizzes and Exams

There are “closed book” quizzes at the beginning of each class to revise the previous lesson, and to gauge the student’s efforts during the week. And at the end of the course there will be an “open book” exam. Students are informed about their progress during the semester.

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