Tuition Policies

Salsabil Al-Dhadh is an independent non-profit organization.  We depend on the tuitions to cover the running cost and to finance the researches we are doing to develop teaching Arabic to foreign students.  If you are financially able and willing to support Salsabil Al-Dhadh, please consider paying the full tuition rate.  You can donate to sponsor one student or more who are not able to pay for their studies.

Tuition fees vary depending on the type of course (private, regular, customized, or intensive).  When registering in a course you will be get a secure link with the tuition amount corresponding with the course fees. It takes you to pay using the most secure way available today PayPal.  Your financial information is protected and not revealed even to us.

Tuition fees are taken per semester/course basis. Reduced fees are available for some courses and applicable on students, second family member, aged and unemployed people, or applicants registered in more than one course.

If you cannot pay your tuition please refer to the manual registration described below.  An advisor will arrange an appointment with you to open a file for you. Then the advisor will try to find a sponsor who pays the tuition of your course.

How to Register in a Course

1- Online: By paying the fees online and sending the required information by email.
2- Manual: By sending a check or money order with the required information by post mail to our mailing address.

Required information

You can register manually by emailing the following info to:

Ttitle: (Mr, Mis, Miss, Mrs):

First Name:

Last Name:



Mobile Phone:

Home address:

Other info related: (e.g. current skills in Arabic, level intended to study)

This information is needed to issue tax deductible receipt if the course is given in one of the non-profit organizations or to communicate with the student.

Payment Methods

You can pay using one of the following methods:

1- PayPal

This is the most secured way, Your credit cards information are not revealed even to us.

1- If the fees are 100$ please go to the link
2- If the fees are different number, Replace the “100” with the amount you want to pay
3- Pay the fees

Or you can use the following preset options on PayPal service drop-down list:.

Chose the Product as Instructed by email


2- Bank Check

Using a check payable to ” Imad Hallak ” or to the organization name where the course is held, and send it by mail to mailing address .

3- Postal Money Order

Make a Postal Money Order and send it to mailing address. e.g.

4- Western Union Money Order

Make a Western Union Money Order and send it to mailing address. e.g.

Mailing Address

402-3318 Charles-Best, Laval, QC, Canada,  H7V 3X2

Repeating a course

Students who passed a course are allowed to repeat the same course they did in the last semester.  They pay for the repetition just 50% of the regular fee.
Students who fail a course are allowed to repeat the same course they did last semester.  They pay 30% of the regular fee.

Family member discount

Individuals learn better when their family members are involved with them in the learning process.  Members of the same family are encouraged to register together in the same semester at a 50% discount for the even family members.
The relatives considered as family members are: father, mother, son, daughter, brother, sister, husband, and wife.
e.g. a husband and wife wish to learn Arabic together: They pay for one of them full fee and for the other 50% of the fee.  (100%+50%=150%)
e.g. a father has four children and wants them to learn Arabic and benefit from the family member discount: He pays for the first and third child full fee, and pays for the second and the fourth child 50% of the fee for each of them so he will pay an amount equivalent to three students (100%+50%+100%+50%=300%)

Country Discount

Certain countries have unstable situations and some others have low income. Students having such circumstances are encouraged to apply for a discount.


Withdrawal Policy

Students may withdraw from a course and get a full refund of the tuition paid fee during the period of pre-registration until the time of the second lecture in the semester.  After the second session, students can not be refunded totally or partially even if they decide not to continue the course.
Students can withdraw from a course by sending an email to .  The student should specify whether they wish to receive a full refund, or would prefer to postpone their enrollment to the following semester.


Halting, postponing, deferring policy

Registered students can halt, postpone, or defer a course to a coming semester.  No refund will be processed in this case, and no new fees is needed as well.   The user agrees in this case to resume the course from the point he stopped at, and take the remaining lectures and exams he did not finish in the first time.  He has no rights to restart the whole course but he can submit a request to do.  After the request is approved, he is granted the right to re-attend the lectures he did before again to revise with the new class the given materials.