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Arabic Courses – 2011 Winter Semester

 Oukaz Competition 2011 for Poetry and Prose

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Salsabil Al-Ddadd for teaching Arabic is pleased to to announce its annual competition Oukaz 2011 for poetry and prose.

Oukaz was know in the history as a festival for poetry that Arabs celebrated every year before and after Islam few decades*1.  The winner in that festival had his poem written with the gold and hanged on the wall of the holy house of God: the Kaaba. That was an indication of the great importance of poetry and language in Arabs life.

Oukaz today is a cultural event that contains competitions between Canadians studying Arabic. They prepare their poetry and prose and they present it to the audience and the judges committee composed from Arabic teachers from Salsabil or from other institutes.

Beside the registered competitors in the prose and the poetry, The attendees who are not participating in Oukaz competition can enjoy the nature, the delicious food, and the linguistic games prepared for this occasion such as: the Giant scrabble, Words’ Train, and the Millionaire. Please bring with you your pocket dictionary to assist you in playing these games and wining the prizes.

The party is not about linguistics only, there will be also different games and sports. Participants can play or watch the different games.


Oukaz 2011 Details (Poetic Barbeque)

Salsabil Al-Ddadd is calling Arabic students and Arab community to participate in Oukaz event.The competition will be between the students learning Arabic language in all places in Montreal. Students can participate with the prose, short stories, or with poetry poems.

For those who are willing to participate in Oukaz competition. Please send your prose or poetry to ( to confirm your participation. Please start the title of your email with to the word (Oukaz).

The objectives of the event are:

-To enjoy Halal food in the nature.

-To enjoy the poetry and the prose made by the students of Arabic language in Montreal

-To create environment to encourage the students and other participants to speak Classical Arabic “Fusha”

-To improve and to strength the relationship between Muslims and between Muslims and others communities

We welcome Arab companions that can help the students to converse in classical Arabic. The companions are advised to use most of the time simple Arabic words and structures that the students learned in Salsabil or in the other institutes.

Competition conditions

1-Each student should type his/her poem on the computer with the short vowels

2-Each poem or short story should have at least the following:

-Forty words

-One Nominal sentence

-One Personal pronoun

-One Genitive construction

-One Adjective

-One Nunation

-One preposition

3-Print twenty /20/ copies, and present his/her poem to the audience

There will be three Arab judges. They will check whether those conditions are fulfilled or not.

Road Map:

Write your poem or short story in English or in French taking in consideration that the text will be translated to Arabic, so the text has to represent your level in Arabic. Please use mainly the structures studied in class. However, you can use some other structures few times when needed and the teacher will provide you with a minor help to translate that to Arabic.

The teacher will receive your work and will highlight the errors and return it to you to do the corrections. You will be alerted by the marked errors and you have to guess what are the errors and try to fix them.

You submit the work again to his teacher. The teacher highlight the new errors and explain the previous errors to you if you could not fix them alone.

You will correct and submit the work again. And the final text may take several corrections from you and your teacher till it reaches a state where it will be free from errors and can be presented to public. The participation of the teacher should not exceed 20% of the efforts to produce the final text.

It is ok to have simple poem a bit childish, since the words that students know in the first level are very limited (140 words). This exercise will help the students to be involved voluntary in an active workshop and to work more with dictionary and memorize at least their poems.

Sample of what we are expecting:
The sky is blue
السماء زرقاء
The tree is green
الأشجار خضراء
The flower is red
الوردة حمراء
And I am like the bee
أنا مثل النحلة
Flying from flower to a flower
أطير من زهرة إلى زهرة
And from a rose to a rose
ومن وردة إلى وردة
Flying to collect the honey
أطير لأجمع العسل
To spread love and peace
لأنشر الحب والسلام
And to fill happiness and hope
و أحس السعادة والأمل

Posters and pictures from last years events




*1: Ukaz festival stopped after Al-Khawarej started attacking the festival.  With the lack of security it was not possible to continue holding the festival. The importance of one poet in that time was equivalent to CNN or Fox news today.

Rendez-vous avec l’Arabe Classique, Oukaz 2011 : Arabe + BBQ

Appointment with Classic Arabic, Oukaz 2011 : Arabic + BBQ

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