Language Exchange Program برنامج تبادل اللغة

Language Exchange Program برنامج تبادل اللغة

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the Language Exchange Program?

The Language Exchange Program has been established to enhance the skills in Arabic language in exchanged with other languages

The Language Exchange Program purpose is to improve the conversational skills for participants who already know the alphabet and some words and expressions.  It is very difficult to start an exchange program without having any previous idea about the language you want to learn.  If it is the case then you need a teacher and you can register in one of our courses.  But when you get skills in Arabic you can join the exchange program to practice Arabic with natives and to learn new vocabularies and expressions from them.  However, students exchanging in this program has limited ability to introduce new topics or provide complete information about the language.

  • How does the program work?

Students need to register their interest by emailing to us, then Salsabil Al-Dad will then find you a suitable match based on your preferences.  Students follow some templates to ensure advancing in the program. They can explore beyond the templates, but templates help them to advance in the program since they are not trained teachers.

  • What are the most popular languages for language exchange program?

Our most popular languages are: (Arabic-English), (Arabic-French), (Arabic-Spanish), (Arabic-Chinese), (Arabic-Turkish), (Arabic-Urdu).

  • Will I definitely be matched with a Language Exchange partner?

We can’t guarantee you will be matched with a partner. In some instances, we may match up several students to one partner.

  • I’m not a student or Salsabil Al-Dad. Can I join the program?

Yes, you can register in the exchange program and get the templates, however, you have to accept waiting for the availability of the other partner.

  • How much time would I spend speaking (Arabic versus the other language)?

We suggest that you spend 50% of the time speaking each language during your weekly one-hour session. Try to be just and enable the other partner to correct you and deal always with courtesy.

  • What sort of things do Language Exchange Partners usually talk about?

There are 26 templates covering many different conversation topics. The most popular ones are travel, culture, shopping, careers, hobbies, interests, family, music, books, and expressions.

  • What if there is a week that I cannot meet my partner?

You should let your partner know and make alternative arrangements. Some students use remote conferencing services (e.g. skype, messenger) to get in contact with their partner when they cannot meet in person.

  • What if I am unhappy with my partner, they don’t return my phone calls or they are too busy to meet me?

Please contact the Salsabil Al-Dad coordinator and alternative arrangements can be made.

  • What if student is a minor?

Minors has to be accompanied with their parents.  Salsabil Al-Dad try to find partners based on your preferences of age and level of education.