Before the First Class (advises to excel)

Some students have previous experience with Arabic alphabet; therefore, the other students are advised to spend more time to familiarize themselves with the writing and the pronunciation of the alphabet, in order to be with their colleagues at the same level.

It is required from every one to Arabize their computers using the following resources:

1 –

2- Arabizing Windows OS.pdf


Students are encouraged to spend enough time to memorize by heart writing and pronouncing the letters in order. This task takes from a student that does not have a previous contact with Arabic letters about 7 hours of work. If you spend 1 hours/day within 2 weeks you will be ready to excel in your first class.



– Arabic alphabet is written from right to left and from top to down.

– The words are written from right to left.

– The number of letters is twenty eight.  Six (6) of them are non-connectors.  And twenty two (22) are connectors.

– The connectors connect from both sides.

– The way to connect the connector letters of one word is to keep the beginning of the letter (head) and cut the end (tail) and connect both letters using an underscore line joining between the connected letters.

– The non-connectors connect with the preceding letter but it does not connect with the next letter.  A tiny space is left then the next letter is written to complete the word.

– If you use hand writing you should remember cutting the tail for connectors and joining the letters to each other, and remember leaving a tiny space after the non connectors without cutting anything.  But if you use the computer to type, the computer does this task on your behalf.  The Arabic fonts are smart fonts and the computer chose the smart character suitable for the word.  You need to type a space between the two words but within the word itself containing a non connector you do not have to worry because the computer insert the tiny space for you.


The following 28 executable files show you: The name of the letter, its shape when it is separated, at the beginning of the word, in the middle and at the end of it.  Using the computer font and the hand writing with an audio explanation.  Please feel free to download the files and run them on your computer as much as you need to master those letters.  The first eight files are available on this page but the rest are available for the registered student after they login.


Arabic Alphabet ————————————————–
1-Alef  ا Links will be updated soon
2-Baa ب This page is under repair
3-Taa ت
4-Thaa ث
5-Jim ج
6-Haa ح
7-Khaa خ
8-Dal د
9-Thal ذ  Links will be updated soon
10-Raa ر  This page is under repair
11-Zai ز
12-Sine س
13-Shine ش
14-Saad ص
15-Dhadh ض
16-Ttaa ط
17-Tthaa ظ
18-3ain ع
19-Ghain غ
20-Faa ف  Links will be updated soon
21-Qaf ق  This page is under repair
22-Kaf ك
23-Lam ل
24-Mim م
25-Noun ن
26-Haa هـ
27-Waw و  Links will be updated soon
28-Yaa ي  This page is under repair


File Name Function Zip file combine all the Arabic fonts
Arabic_English_Keyboard.pdf Arabic keyboard
Alphabet Zip file contain the pronunciation of all the letters of the alphabet
Alphabet Pronunciation 1 man.MP3 A man pronouncing the alphabet
Alphabet Pronunciation 2 woman.MP3 A woman pronouncing the alphabet
Letters in Words.pdf Letters separated and joined forming words. Exercise to learn joining the letters
Letters in Words Times.pdf Same file using Times New Roman font

We are expecting from students to finish this task before attending the first class. If you find things difficult and not able to do any thing that is normal, but you are still required to spend some hours to familiarize yourself at least with the letters shapes, to distinguish one from another, and to associate each audio file downloaded with the appropriate letter.


The letters are associated always with the same number. In the file (Letters in Words.pdf) You have the initial pronunciation using the nearest Latin letter.  Knowing that 22/28 letters have similar pronunciation in English or French. It remains just 6 new letters for you to learn.

Students cannot rely on the teacher and the attendance only for learning. Doing an effort at home is a must. Student is required to spend minimum 15-30 minutes per day to accomplish the homework, refresh the memory, and memorize the given materials.


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