C001 : Arabic Conversation

Prerequisite: A001, A002, Or students who know 300 Arabic Words minimum

Teacher: Imad HALLAK

Number of classes: 10

This course is designed for students who have some knowledge of Arabic or took at least the A001, A002 course or are taking this course and want to improve their conversational skills. It aims at developing ability to conduct a conversation, fluency in speaking, and proficiency in different ways of expression.

The course offers the students educational framework and practical environment to practice what they know or learned before within small groups. They will also have the chance to learn new vocabulary, expressions, information on Arab culture. The course will help the students fine tune their pronunciation, increase the number of topics in which they can hold a conversation, and develop comprehension. As a result, students improve their interpersonal communication skills and increase their speaking confidence.
New topics, words, and expressions are introduced each session in order to enable students to expand their practice of Arabic. Learning occurs through speaking and sharing knowledge, words, and ways of articulation with others students under the supervision and assistance of the teachers. The environment of the class is encouraging for students who will feel sense of achievement as a result of being able to express themselves in an informal settings and put the knowledge of grammar and pronunciation which they acquired in other class into practice.





Ways of greeting

2  Introduction the self and others
3 Self-expressions, expressions of possession
4 Describing things and conveying meaning
5 Taking and giving directions
6 With friends at university
7 In the restaurant (food, ordering, paying)
8 In the airport, train station, taking a taxi…
9 At home with the family and Guests
10 At work with colleagues and customers
11 On the street, touring the city
12 Shopping in the market