IA200 : Intensive Arabic Course for Level 2

Prerequisite: A100, IA100

Teacher: Dr. Essam HALLAK

Number of classes: 5

This course is designed to help non-Arabic speaking students who have a previous knowledge of standard Arabic (for example: took Arabic Beginners Course A001, IA001) or who know any of the Arab dialects and want to learn modern classical/standard/modern/formal Arabic. The course enables students to expand their vocabulary, speak basic phrases and idioms, improve their listening comprehension, compose short sentences, and acquire the basics of Arabic grammar including nominal sentence, demonstrative pronouns, interrogative nouns, the definite and the indefinite, prepositions, and conjunctions among other subjects. Language of instruction in the class will be Arabic and English.

The course provides students with a rich package of selected vocabulary suitable for different occasions in order to develop basic language skills used in day-to-day conversation. Exercises focus on structured practice in vocabulary, listening, articulating, and writing. The practical themes include: introducing oneself and others, getting down to speak, furthering the conversation with friends, negation, location, expressing preference and non-preference, etc. (Conversations subjects can be tailored according to the needs of the students).

Student will be familiarized with some aspects of Arab cultures and history in relation to Arabic language and in accordance with their personal objectives of learning Arabic.

Students who want to register for this course without taking (A100 or IA100) need to pass a simple admission test and an interview to assess their previous knowledge of Arabic and their suitability for this course.  

1 Definite and indefinite
2 Simple nominal sentence
3 Complex nominal sentences
4 Genitive construction
5 Adjectives in nominal sentences
6 Defective verbs
7 Particles akin to verbs
8 Propositional tools
9 Conjunctions tools