IA100 : Intensive Arabic Course for Beginners


Prerequisite: None

Teacher: Dr. Essam HALLAK

Number of classes: 5


This course in classical/standard/modern/formal Arabic is designed for non-Arabic-speaking students who have no knowledge whatsoever of Arabic. The course initiates students to the study of standard Arabic, introduces the phonology and script of literary Arabic, enables them to use proper pronunciation, provide elementary vocabulary in standard Arabic, and focuses on developing elementary skills in listening, speaking, reading writing and expressions that are commonly used.

Student will be familiarized with some aspects of Arab cultures in relation to Arabic language and in accordance with their various personal aims of learning Arabic. By the send of the class students will be able to introduce themselves and start short conversations in Arabic. The topics of these conversations and the nature of the vocabulary taught in the class will be tailored according to the students’ personal needs.

Since Arabic script and phonology is different from that in European languages, students, in order to achieve the goals of the course, are expected to put a considerable effort into memorizing, doing exercises, and participating in class.

Note: Those who have some knowledge of standard Arabic or various Arab dialects are advised to attend the Level II course: IA200 or A002


1 Introduction to the history of Arabic language and culture
Characteristics of Arabic language in comparative perspective
2 Basic conversation
Long vowels and consonant
3 Long vowels and consonant
Markings and short vowels
Doubling Consonant Shaddah
4 Alphabet pronunciation, writing, reading, and vocabulary
5 Alphabet pronunciation, writing, reading, and vocabulary
6 Alphabet pronunciation, writing, reading, and vocabulary
7 Alphabet pronunciation, writing, reading, and vocabulary
8 Maddah, Dagger Alif, Alif Maqsurah,
Sun and moon letters,
Elidable hamza, Alif Lam, Taa marbuta,
Rules for writing of hamza