All sessions are broadcast on the internet, and can be attended on times mentioned in each course page as per (GMT -5:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada). If you are living in a different time zone click here to convert the lectures time to your zone time.  The time for the private classes will be emailed to the registered students only.


All classes are given over the internet. A computer with speakers and a high-speed internet connection is required to attend the course.  The student can type his/her questions using the keyboard.  A headset with a microphone is needed to speak with the teacher and avoid echo.

Customized and private courses can be offered over the internet or in real classroom in Montreal, Laval, Longueuil, in Quebec, Canada.


Here are the start and end dates of the three semesters. Please attend the free introduction info-session (first session at the beginning of each semester) to know about the program and the duties of the teacher and the student. 

 Fall  1st Sunday of September  20th of December
 Winter   2nd Sunday of January  28th of  April
 Summer  1st Sunday of May  20th of August

– Special course: Any time for a group of 12 students

– Private course: Any time for any number of students

– Oukaz: Oukaz Competition is an educational outdoors Activity that includes linguistic games, picnic and barbecue. Students who studied Arabic program of Salsabil Al-Ddadd, or any other Arabic program are invited to participate in this competition happening in August every year.  Exact date will be specified depending on the weather conditions.
The non-participant in Oukaz competition can assist the event to enjoy the BBQ and games. to participate click here

Curriculum of the offered Courses


The curriculum is organized in a careful order to introduce the topics gradually with an easy flow. This selection helps the student to learn with maximum efficiency and minimum time.

 Regular Courses  Course ID  Duration
 Course1  A001  10 weeks
 Course 2  A002  10 weeks
 Course 3  A003  10 weeks
 Course 4  A004  10 weeks
 Course 5  A005  10 weeks
 Course 6  A006  10 weeks
 Course 7  A007  10 weeks
 Course 8  A008  10 weeks
 Course 9  A009  10 weeks
 Course 10  A010  10 weeks
 Conversation 1  C001  10 weeks
 Technical Writing  W001  10 weeks
 Arabic for Arabs  Y001  10 weeks
 Introduction to Islamic Arabic Culture  I001  10 weeks


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